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In this invited address for the 2020 PA Outstanding Career Award, Etzel Cardeña discusses various ways in which non-representational art (from around the beginning of the 20th century) anticipated and responded to physicists’ and parapsychologists’ ideas of the dissolution of the subjective/objective distinction, a hidden order of unified reality, and multiple dimensionality. Artists who have been part of this dialogue include foundational figures in Abstract Art, Surrealism, and other movements. Although modern art scholarship had drawn attention to “esoteric” strands and related pronouncements from physics, in modern and contemporary art, it has ignored the importance of psi in the life and work and non-representational artists. This presentation fills that gap.

Paranormal Experiences Relating Geomagnetism and Urban Electromagnetic Noise Level | Hideyuki Kokubo

Introduction: Many studies on paranormal experiences suggest that human beings have a common ability to experience paranormal experiences and that those experiences are based on different biological mechanisms. It is necessary to clarify which kinds of experiences are more susceptible to which environmental factors. For example, since the beginning of the 21st century, new discoveries [...]

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